Court President, Director of Public Prosecutions Criticized By Appeal Court

Monday 27th, June 2011 / 08:24 Published by

Director of Public Prosecutions Vinette Graham-Allen has been ordered to appear in the Court of Appeal today after coming under fire for claiming the court had erred in a judgment, a charge the court claimed was “baseless.”

Mrs Graham-Allen was criticised yesterday for misleading the appellate court in making an urgent application for leave to appeal a judgment in the case of former death row inmate Godfrey Sawyer.

Mrs Graham-Allen and prosecutor Jillian Williams, who signed the notice of motion, have been ordered to appear in court at 2:00pm today to explain the circumstances under which the application was made on April 19.

The court handed down its written judgment in Sawyer’s case yesterday, more than three months after having quashed his murder and armed robbery convictions and ordering that he be retried for manslaughter.

In a related story, the Court of Appeal has also said that Appeal Court president Anita Allen’s failure to a give an “objective” summary of the evidence during the murder trial of Godfrey Sawyer resulted in a “miscarriage of justice”.

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