Police Warn of Counterfeit Bills

Friday 10th, June 2011 / 09:06 Published by

Several incidents in which counterfeit U.S. currency was offered as payment at local businesses have been reported in recent times, police say, and members of the public should be exercising extreme caution when accepting such notes.

Police issued a statement yesterday advising that the counterfeit $10 and $20 notes are being tendered during transactions, although they are of poor quality.

Businesspersons accepting money, especially in areas with dim lighting, should check the serial numbers, police say, and not accept any bills if they appear to be suspicious.

“It is important to check the serial numbers, especially those repeated, for example IF25476439F on the U.S. $20 currency, and on the U.S. $10 currency some numbers are IA65277287A, JB12543863A, and IF57252457A,” Police Affairs and Communications Officer Loretta Mackey stated.

“Persons coming into possession of any suspected counterfeit notes, whether it is U.S. or Bahamian currency, should always contact the nearest police station or call 911.”

Source: The Nassau Guardian

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