Bahamas Watersports Negligence Leaves Widower Facing Life Alone

Wednesday 20th, July 2011 / 08:32 Published by

The air ambulance flight that carried Victor Rodriguez and his parents home Tuesday – nearly five weeks after the parasailing accident that killed Rodriguez’s bride and left him with extensive internal injuries – was smooth and quiet, his parents said.

It departed around 2 p.m. from the area of Orlando, Fla., where Rodriguez had been hospitalized for the past several weeks. Rodriguez was wheeled onto the jet on a gurney and placed on oxygen, as he’s still working on building his lung capacity back up. Throughout the flight, his condition was monitored by a paramedic and flight nurse.

He slept part of the time, listened to music and talked with his parents and the medical personnel, said his father, Ruben Rodriguez. He’s thin, his parents said, having lost 25 pounds since the June 16 accident in the Bahamas that changed his life.

Rodriguez and his wife, Crystal, both 22, had been married June 4 in Roseville. On the final day of their honeymoon they went parasailing. Their harness snapped and they plunged into the water.


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