Bimini Bay Resort Ready For Next Phase

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(BIMINI, BAHAMAS) — Nestled on the North coast of Bimini’s Northern-most Island lays an upscale master-planned resort community called Bimini Bay Resort – now making big plans for the next wave of island development.

In a one-on-one interview with the developer of the 1,887 acre oceanfront community, Rafael (“Ralph”) Reyes, President of RAV Bahamas LTD, told the World Property Channel they are in the process of creating and branding their resort’s next development phase as “Miami’s backyard playground.”

Given the project’s close proximity to Miami, and that over 75% of its current buyers have come from South Florida, a “Miami’s backyard playground” theme seems to make sense.

Located just 53 miles off Miami’s South Beach, North Bimini’s 7-mile long by 700ft-wide sleepy Bahamas island has emerald blue-green waters, 1,900 friendly native Bahamians, snorkeling and fantastic fishing (It is known as the Bone fishing capital of the world), all just a 20 minute flight or 2-hour boat ride from South Florida’s coastline.

Historically Bimini has been home to such notables as Ernest Hemingway and famed prohibition boot-legged William S. McCoy, who the term ‘The Real McCoy’ was based on, and a favorite of President Richard M. Nixon, according the Bahamas Tourism Board.

Bimini Bay Resort originally started selling luxury homes and condos in phase one during late 2003. Today, there are only about 15 homes left out of the original inventory of 350 units (4% unsold inventory today).

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