Car Smuggling Ring Exposed

Wednesday 06th, July 2011 / 09:31 Published by

A multinational investigation is currently underway into a car smuggling ring that has seen the importation and resale of dozens of stolen “high-end” vehicles currently being driven on the streets of Nassau.

At least 85 persons so far have purchased high value vehicles ranging from Mercedes, BMWs, Lexus, Jaguars, and Hummers that have all been stolen out of New York and Miami.

These vehicles, which are labelled as having been “damaged or wrecked” cars to account for their drastic decrease in value are smuggled to the Bahamas in containers by a local dock at the Miami river and off-loaded at night at Arawak Cay.

A customs officer is reportedly being paid to provide fake documentation alleging that Customs fees are being paid so that the vehicles would have some “proof” of having being cleared at the docks.

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