Caribbean Real Estate Offers Wide Variety

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Caribbean Real Estate offers the opportunity to experience life in paradise. A wide variety of properties are available. The options include affordable condos and bungalows to expensive, luxurious estates.

This area is called the West Indies. It includes 7,000 islets, cays, reefs and islands. The region’s name was designated by Christopher Columbus. Upon his arrival in 1492, he mistakenly believed he had found the Indies. The cultural history of the area is linked to the expansion of the plantation system, European colonization and slavery.

More than 30 territories are included within the area, including overseas departments, sovereign states and dependencies. Among them are the Lucayan Archipelago, Bahamas, and the Antilles (Lesser and Greater Antilles). The Lucayan Archipelago includes the islands of Caicos, Turks and Bahamas.

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