Crawfish Season Opens

Friday 29th, July 2011 / 08:52 Published by

The Department of Marine Resources takes this opportunity to advise the general public that the crawfish season opens on Monday, 1st August, 2011.

The public is reminded regarding the following:-

the legal measurement for whole crawfish is a carapace (jacket) length of 3 ¼ inches and when the tail is separated, a tail length of 5 ½ inches;
those persons wishing to harvest crawfish are required to have a crawfish measuring gauge in their possession at all times;
possession of dishwashing liquid, bleach or other noxious substance aboard any vessel while fishing is unlawful without first obtaining a permit authorizing such possession;
all vessels being 20 ft. or larger in length that are engaged in commercial fishing are required to be licenced by the Department of Marine Resources to be so engaged;
a permit is required for the use of the air compressor or crawfish traps to aid in fishing;

The Department of Marine Resources also reminds the general populace that only those vessels owned by Bahamian citizens that are resident within the country can legally engage in commercial fishing exercises.

The cooperation of all persons engaged in fishing is requested regarding safeguarding the sustainability of our resources.


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