Diving Tourist Attacked By Shark

Thursday 14th, July 2011 / 08:36 Published by

Freeport, Grand Bahama –  A South Florida man was attacked and bitten by a shark during a group scuba dive off Bell Channel yesterday just after noon.

The shark was about 8-10 feet long and bit the 54-year-old man’s upper right arm. According to a distress call and a following report made to the Bahamas Air and Sea Rescue Association (BASRA) the man’s arm had been nearly bitten off.

The man was taken to Port Lucaya Marina where an ambulance was waiting to transport him to Rand Memorial Hospital. He underwent surgery and is reportedly in stable condition.

The group had been diving at Shark Junction, approximately a mile offshore. Although, they had the proper flag erected, apparently, a glass bottom boat came into their vicinity with people on board throwing food out to lure animals.

Police are investigating.

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