Eat Lionfish, Save Reefs

Wednesday 06th, July 2011 / 09:57 Published by

BASSETERRE. St. Kitts – Fishermen in Old Road are now reporting that the lionfish is regularly being seen along the coast and around the fishing complex at Old Road. This is ominous news for both bathers and our coral reefs.

If attacked, a lionfish delivers potent venom via its needle-like dorsal fins. Its sting is extremely painful to humans and can cause nausea and breathing difficulties, but is rarely fatal. Swimmers are asked to be extremely careful if these fish are seen in any waters around them.

In addition, lionfish are voracious feeders and have been known to eat as many as twenty fish in a 30 minute period.

Fortunately lionfish flesh is tasty and cooking denatures the spine venom. So we are being asked to become lionfish predators and make a meal of them.


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