He’s Back and as Controversial as Ever

Wednesday 20th, July 2011 / 09:45 Published by

PLPs and government goofballs across the Islands were terrified to hear of the return of John Marquis, arguably the best journalist to write for any Bahamian paper since the retirement of his mentor Etiene Dupuch.

Some were blaming the FNM, others were ready to castigate the Immigration Department for allowing Mr Marquis back into the Bahamas.

Well, he’s back, but he’s untouchable by the goons who would seek to tar and feather him.

Mr Marquis will be writing from afar, contributing a weekly column to the Tribune with his trademark wit and unvarnished discourse.

Fortunately, today’s technology allows journalists to escape assaults on press freedom, local harrassment and censorship that tyrants like Lynden Pindling had practiced.

We expect that there will be a few knuckleheads out in front of the Tribune building burning effigies of Mr Marquis anyway.

Mr Marquis’ first contribution is in today’s Tribune and Fred Mitchell is probably fuming.


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