Illegal Dumping Destroying Beaches and Neighbourhoods

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The stench of death is heavy in the air as animal carcasses, discarded mattresses, old pieces of furniture and appliances litter a strip of land along Fox Hill Road south, just feet away from homes and a public beach access.

The area has become a graveyard for unwanted items, with household furnishings ranging from Christmas tree decorations to refrigerators and coffee makers. The illegal dump site in southeast New Providence is just one of many scattered across New Providence.

The Department of Environmental Health has been working with police over the past few years attempting to crack down on illegal dumping on the island, but the secluded areas seem to be ideal for dumpers and they often slip through the department’s radar.

Environmental Health officials do not know who is responsible for most of the illegal dumping, however, McKenzie explained that officials are aware that most of the dumping is not done by residents of the area.

Rather than dumping waste on the side of the street, or in an empty lot, McKenzie said residents should make use of the bulk waste pick-up service offered by the department free of charge.


1 Comments on “Illegal Dumping Destroying Beaches and Neighbourhoods

  • It is not enough that there are so many murders in Nassau, they are now destroying the beautiful beaches. Shame on the people who are dumping bad things into the waters of Nassau, we have the best beaches, and that is why so many people comes from near and far just to enjoy our waters. What is the Government doing? To me from the photo’s I see, he’s feeding his face and grinning like an ole mule.


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