Justice System Letting Bahamians Down

Friday 08th, July 2011 / 09:09 Published by

With an increase in housebreaking taking place throughout the country in various communities, residents are appealing for justice to be served on the perpetrators.

Many Bahamians are expressing a lack of confidence in the justice system, claiming that the law does not protect their rights as citizens. In the cases of housebreaking and stealing, these cries are heard even louder.

While housebreaking and stealing is on the rise, the number of people being placed in jail for these crimes has not increased.  What has increased are the number of people being let go on bail for these crimes.

It is this perception of injustice that seems to irate Bahamians, perhaps because the crime of housebreaking is more of an invasive act.  People feel as if they have been violated when their home has been the target of a housebreaking.

More has to be done to make Bahamians feel as if the law is on their side and that crime does not pay.  As it stands now, they feel as if this is not the case.

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