Nassau Harbour Oil Spill Due To Negligence

Wednesday 06th, July 2011 / 09:50 Published by

A sinking freighter spilled gallons of oil into Nassau Harbour this weekend as it went unnoticed by authorities.

Teenager Brent Burrows II, 17, photographed the freighter tied to the Pioneer Shipping dock at the end of Elizabeth Avenue off Bay Street in downtown Nassau on Sunday afternoon and alerted The Tribune.

Port Controller Patrick McNeil and Earlston McPhee, chairman of the National Coastal Awareness Committee (NCAC), a public-private partnership working to clean up Nassau Harbour, had not been told the vessel was sinking until called by The Tribune yesterday.

Mr McPhee went directly to the site and said the motorised landing craft had no name or registration, and he sent his team out to find the owner.

He estimates oil and diesel would have been stored on board the two engine craft, but could not guess how much may have dispersed into the harbour.

Mr McPhee blamed negligence for the spill and said he will pressure the boat owner to float and move the vessel.

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