Spearfishing For Variety

Wednesday 27th, July 2011 / 09:51 Published by

On a good day, Michael Snedaker and his friends bring home a cooler filled with tautogs and a variety of other fish.

They bring home more than your average anglers, partially because of their technique. When they take to the water, they corral their catches through spearfishing.

“It’s something we’ve been doing for a while and we just sort of brought it here to the area,” he said.

Snedaker said his experience in spearfishing came from his upbringing in Miami, where his father taught him and his two brothers the sport. While he grew up in Miami, he’s no stranger to the area; he frequented the coastal resort areas as a child and has lived here since 2003.

While spearfishing may seem difficult to learn, it can be easily taught, he said.

“Basically, there are two camps when it comes to spearfishing,” Snedaker said. “Most guys start off scuba diving and go down to the (Florida) Keys or the Bahamas where the water’s clear or there’s a thing called free-diving, where you can do it without gear.”


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