Indian Pop Star Buys Real Estate In The Bahamas

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Acclaimed Indian Pop Superstar Anaida is changing latitudes and is on her way to The Bahamas. Anaida, known as the Indian “Princess of Pop” and former Dance Champion of India, has appeared on Michael Jackson albums and was selected as the first International Superstar to sing a Walt Disney song in another language. This Indian Megastar is not only a talented recording artist but is also a savvy real estate investor and has acquired property in Rum Cay, Bahamas as her next venture according to global real estate marketmaker Paradise Is Mine.

Anaida’s multi platinum selling career has spanned 17 years and 10 albums in 11 languages including English, Greek, Arabic and Hindi with estimated album sales of 20 million. As of late, she is a frequent artist on Buddha Bar compilation albums featuring hypnotic, tranquil, and chill out world music which have become popular with hipsters worldwide.

With Pam Anderson rumored by locals to be looking at real estate on Rum Cay, Anaida jumped at the chance to dance her way to the island. Anaida has partnered with Paradise Is Mine to market their real estate offering globally. “Anaida is certainly known to be a very savvy businesswoman”, offers music business maven Harvey Levy. “Throughout her career she has been known to be an innovator and definitely ahead of the curve. Anaida was one of India’s first pop superstars and was at the forefront of the music video craze in India..

Her savvy approach to business may be a clear indication that Indian Investors may soon be following the Chinese into the Bahamas. With Chinese investors recently spending $7 Billion Dollars and importing 8000 local workers, the Indian establishment is expected to follow suit. The southern Bahamas, and particularly Rum Cay, has become a bastion for International Celebrities.

Anaida is considered to be “one of the most cherished and successful performing artists ever to have graced the entertainment world from India” said Sanjeev Gupta, Indian Entertainment Columnist. “I would suspect that her significant fan base would follow her anywhere.” She has performed in front of more than 40,000 fans but chose the reclusive Bahamian Shangri-la of Rum Cay as a place to get away from the crowds. I suppose when she is not singing “Hakuna Matata” or other Lion King songs she will be languishing about The Bahamas.

The Paradise Is Mine Company, an International Real Estate Market-maker, has partnered with numerous A-List Celebrities to provide them their own corner of paradise. The beauty and tranquility of Rum Cay was evidently irresistible to India’s first pop superstar.

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