New Rules For Crawfish Season

Wednesday 03rd, August 2011 / 09:12 Published by

The 2011 crawfish season has opened with some new rules put in place since the last season ended.

“The Bahamas has been trying to get qualified for the European trade market, so we will be able to export our product at a better quality price and a higher grade type,” Clement Campbell, superintendent of fisheries at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries said.

Campbell said some of the changes that have been put in place are pertaining to the relationship between buyers and sellers.

Campbell said the way the industry is being handled now will better set up The Bahamas for dealing with selling markets overseas.

He also noted that buyers must also now comply with specific rules.

The Department of Marine Resources has also advised that fishermen adhere to certain standards when harvesting crawfish.

The legal measurement for whole crawfish is a carapace (jacket) length of three and a quarter inches and when the tail is separated, a tail length of five and a half inches.

The crawfish season is active for eight months from August 1, to March 31 when it is closed for a four-month period.

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