Advice To Bahamians: Learn To Speak Mandarin

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The Bahamas has signed yet another agreement with the government of China on Saturday, which will see the Chinese government getting involved in $5 million more of local infrastructural projects.

Speaking to members of the press, prior to a meeting with high-level Chinese officials at Atlantis, Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette said this new agreement brings Chinese technical assistance on such projects to over $30 million.

This, of course, does not include the $2.66 billion the Chinese have invested already, incuding Baha Mar, the national stadium and several Family Island infrastructural projects, all which employ hordes of Chinese workers.

During a meeting wth Prime Minister Ingraham at Atlantis, China’s Vice Premier Wang Qishan, through an interpreter, thanked The Bahamas for its support of the All-For-China, er, I mean One-China Policy.

“China values its friendship with The Bahamas, and we stand ready to have even closer high-level exchanges deepened in practical cooperation in the various fields, for the furtherance of our relationship across the board,” the Chinese Vice-Premier said.

Mr Symonette said The Bahamas reciprocates in its bilateral relationship by supporting the People’s Republic of China’s (Taiwan-bashing) One-China Policy in the United Nations.

“Each country in the United Nations has one vote and so The Bahamas is leveraging that vote to get the maximum possible benefit from that vote, and of course we’re seeing that benefit in the economic and technical agreements we’re having,” said Symonette, seemingly oblivious to the geo-political and ethical ramifications of such actions.

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