Another Bahamian Pastor Accused of Raping a Child

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Yet another Bahamian pastor is in court, this one charged with raping a nine-year-old girl.

The Supreme Court trila of pastor Albert Whylly started Wednesday with testimonay coming from the alleged victim, a nine-year-old girl who told the court the shocking things that the pastor, her uncle, had done to her.

She testified that “Uncle Whylly” told her not to tell anyone, then kissed her on the lips.

The victim was a fourth-grade student at the time of the alleged sexual assault, which took place at Whylly’s residence in Freeport, in February of this year.

Senior Justice Hartman Longley is presiding over the case, being heard by a jury of three men and six women.

As the young witness took the stand, the judge asked her if she knew the difference between the truth and a lie.

“The truth is telling something that is real and a lie is when you tell something that is not real,” she said.

Justice Longley allowed the child to give evidence, but not under oath.

The little girl told how she had returned to “Uncle” Whylly’s house after the pastor has taken her and several other children to a birthday party. They had dropped the other children off before returning to Whylly’s house.

She said she was lying on her stomach, watching television, when her uncle told her to roll over onto her back.

She then gave a graphic description of what happened.

She testified that her uncle asked her if it hurts? She told hmi it did. Then he asked her if she could shake her body back and forth.

Despite being told not to tell anyone, the smart little girl told her mother who took her to the hospital where a rape kit was taken.

The trial continues through Thursday.

Whylly is, of course, out on bail.

Oddly, this case was fast-tracked to the Supreme Court, while the trial of pervert pastor Randy Fraser has taken years and still has not been completed.

In The Bahamas, facts and the truth are irrelevant, it is who you know that determines your guilt or innocence in the dysfunctional and corrupt courts.

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