Counterfeit Goods Not Allowed In New Straw Market

Thursday 29th, September 2011 / 07:47 Published by

When straw vendors get into the new market they will have to follow stringent rules, including a ban on counterfeit products, National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest said.

Turnquest, Minister of Tourism Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace and Labour Minister Dion Foulkes met with the vendors recently to go over the new rules.

“We all agree that you are unable to bring in counterfeit goods. We are going to enforce the intellectual property rights.

In September 2010, nine Bahamian straw vendors were arrested at the JFK airport in New York and charged with possession of counterfeit goods. The women all pleaded guilty and have since returned home.

Some vendors said they are still trying to sell off the counterfeit bags they have in their possession now.


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