Crime Problem Result of PLP Corruption

Thursday 22nd, September 2011 / 11:17 Published by

I cannot watch this charade any longer. I keep remembering the songs “Send in the Downs” and “Fools Rush In’. But nothing could be more disingenuous when a man who knows better, intentionally does not do better.

The art of deception has been perfected. But the worst is that the level of disrespect of the Bahamian people by the PLP is most disheartening.

Crime is where it is because “we” allowed and facilitated drugs to run rampant throughout The Bahamas.

Just in case age has caught up with Mr Perry Gladstone Christie, or he is so punch-drunk from the roller-coaster ride his top brass is taking him through, I will have to bring his thoughts back in focus.

Even though Mr Christie must have a clearer picture of the handwriting on the wall, he must not forget the events of the past that have created the foundation for what we are now experiencing today. No amount of playing in “male cow droppings” is going to cause sensible people to see him in a positive light.

Mr. Christie, a member of the world of make-believe, was part of a government that has already been accused of making it very easy for drugs to “flow through The Bahamas” with little resistance.

Mr Christie must remember how the international newspapers smeared the good name of The Bahamas as a “Nation for Sale”. Drugs were the order of the day. Mr Christie was there. No sensible investor wanted to come too close to The Bahamas. Politicians, policemen, doctors, teachers, preachers, parents, students, bankers, lawyers, overseers, all professions, black and white, christians and sinners, were all full participants and many benefitted. Parents knew that their children were involved, but hollered when they were either shot down by the authorities or disappeared on a boat going nowhere.

Everyone is so busy looking for a scapegoat, and intelligent people are listening to fools that are repeating the foolishness that they are saying. But truth be told, it
all started when we allowed drugs to take over our streets while the government of the day not only looked the other way but also provided a safe haven. Now after creating a culture of drug traffickers, we are acting like we “can’t recall”.

The scourge of drugs smothered us all. We have lost several generations from the use, involvement and consequences. We said nothing while our small children looked on. Now those children are adults and they are doing the same things we were doing then. The chicken has come home to roost.

So Mr. Christie, I strongly advise you to cease and desist from allowing others to use you, because the words that are now being uttered by you are not your style.

It is patently clear that you are being poorly coached. But if you allow them to sweeten you up with promises they do not intend to keep, then that’s your business. We all recognize a sham when we see one. Intelligent Bahamians know full well the crime we are now experiencing and the frequency, is a combination of many things and is a full manifestation that we fed this monster all of these years by slackness that was allowed to happen unabated.

Now that we have set the record straight, we should stop playing games and talk about how “all of us” are going to clean up the mess. Let me hasten to say that the scent of the mess is on all of us. No one is excluded.

By: Ivoine W. Ingraham
Nassau, Bahamas
September, 2011

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