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I cannot with a good conscience sit by and allow this serious case of misinformation to be spread to the Bahamian Public.

I am appalled  that my friend  the Leader of the Opposition  would attempt to  spread untruths to the Public at a time like this when he and others in his Party should be trying to help instead.

The article in Friday’s Tribune September 2nd, 2011 is very poor and untrue as it relates to North Eleuthera Airport.

N. Eleuthera Airport has been open and Operating since  8:00am on Friday morning the day after Irene passed . It has never been without Fuel at any time  and it has never been shut down  at any time other than what it is shut down normally  only at 2 very slow periods the Generator was shut down for normal maintenance for about 2 hours at a time.  Also all Flights coming and going into N. Eleuthera know that the F. B. O.  that operates  there is also open for them to contact  by Unicom at all times.

It is sad when any Politician or wanna be Politician tries to deceive the Public to achieve their personal goals. Yes, Mr. Sweeting I believe did offer to send some fuel  but there was no need for this other than to make it a politcial  gesture because the airport manager  was in full control at all times and was doing a super  job under the circumstances and had just come from sp. wells on thursday purchasing Fuel when he saw the need to do so, which he took back to the airport.

Also as far as I have been able to determine there has been no interruption of international flights  at all due to any reason that can be attributed to something being wrong at N. Eleuthera Airport.

Perry (PLP Leader) said the airport was shut down so I wonder how he and his party landed in N. Eleuthera and where did they land or what rules they broke if they Landed at an airport that was closed, I only know about one in N. Eleuthera.

Yes the Generator at the well field blew a head gasket  but I don’t know who could have stopped this as  it happens to motors . The facts are that Friday there was another one delivered to the site by 11.00am.I realize we are getting into the silly season but I did not realize how desperate some Politicians would become because they so easily forget. This is not the first Hurricane that we in N. Eleuthera  have been thru and it will not be the last.

The people of N. Eleuthera and the Bahamian Public at large know about the Hurricanes between 2002 and 2007 and the kind of Help & Hope that they received. They also know about the Help they received in prior Hurricanes between 92 & 2002 and all of the B.S. that will be thrown at the Public will not change the facts  so the Public will decide who was there to HELP.

Also as far as I am aware all of the Islands in the Bahamas besides Andros and Grand Bahama  suffered  Electrical damage and  probably Telephone line damage so as a result the Maintenance crews are spread very thin and are doing a very good job of restoring services to the people.

I have heard a lot of complaining from folks in Nassau  about the problems there but if the people of Nassau would learn to cut & trim  their trees properly before a Hurricane  then their neighbors  would not have to be inconvenienced  because  lines were broken down. No individual in the Bahamas or anywhere else for that matter should be allowed to have trees that grow unruly along the roads where Electric lines and Phone or Cable lines are run  overhead. Also it would stop a lot of roads from being blocked by Debris after a Hurricane passes.

We in Spanish Wells learnt from Andrew so it is done before to avoid big Problems after.

By: Abner Pinder
Spanish Well, Bahamas
September, 2011

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