Babe, The Boar’s Life On The Beach

Tuesday 11th, October 2011 / 10:46 Published by

Babe (Photo/CFP)

Babe walking with Mona. (Photo/CFP)

Babe, the pet boar lives an idyllic life on a small private island in the Bahamas. Babe is a 12-year-old tamed boar, and he enjoys a pampered life on Ship Channel Cay, in the Exuma islands with Luke Abbott and his partner Mona Wiethuchter.

Luke and Mona hand-fed and tamed Babe since he was a piglet. Babe enjoys his days by taking walk on the beach with Mona, swimming and being groomed. Sometime he even gets to kick back and share a beer with his people.

Ship Channel Cay is a small island getaway frequented by tourists on powerboat excursions, so Babe probably has a pretty good social life too. [Photos/CFP]



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