Cat Island Sailing Club Gets Water to Hurricane Victims

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Cat Island Sailing Club members distributing water to the hurricane victims.

The Cat Island Sailing Club, under the leadership of President Maxwell Burrows, traveled to Cat Island on Saturday and Sunday September 24th and 25th.  He was accompanied by Vice President James Gilbert, Secretary Andrea Sturrup, Treasurer Marcian Mortimer and other Club members.

The group visited victims affected by Hurricane Irene and distributed cases of water to the victims.  The group inspected damaged homes in the various settlements and handed out water from Orange Creek to Devil’s Point.

According to President Maxwell, “The Club is more than a Regatta promoter.  It is our goal to positively affect the lives of persons in Cat Island.  After the hurricane, immediately we went to work by purchasing water on behalf of the good people of Cat Island.

“It is our intention to do more.  We would like to sincerely thank SYZ & CO. BANK & TRUST for their generous donation of 3,000 gallons of water to the Club. Also making donations towards water were members of The Cat Island Sailing Club, Henry Colebrook, Members of the Taxi Drivers; Airport and Coral Towers Stand, William Dean, Eva Pratt and Patrice Antonio. We also extend thanks to SKY Bahamas and Mr. Tom Hanna.”

In August, The Cat Island Sailing Club hosted the 55th Annual Regatta in New Bight.

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