Family Calls on Hit-and-Run Driver To Come Forward

Monday 24th, October 2011 / 09:59 Published by

Family and friends of a man who was left to die on the road are calling for the hit-and-run driver to turn himself in.

Thirty-two-year-old Levon Cooper from Fair View Heights was struck down as he was walking along St. Vincent Road, near Silver Gates Boulevard last Sunday night.

The vehicle that hit him reportedly never even stopped.

Police found his lifeless body on the road around 8:30pm.

His family can not believe anyone could drive away after committing such an act and are asking the driver to contact police immediately.

“Accidents happen and we understand that. We just don’t understand how someone could just leave him lying in the road as if he was a dog. He was a human being. He was a loving and compassionate person who adored his family,” Petra Cooper, the victim’s sister, told the Nassau Guardian.

“If that Person has a conscience, we are asking he or she to turn themselves in,” she added.

The family is infuriated and still trying to understand what happened.

“My family now has a hatred for the person who did this,” Ms Cooper said.

Levon Cooper had only recently returned to New Providence from Minnesota, where his wife and a five-year old daughter still reside.

A headlight was left behind in the incident leave police to believe Mr Cooper was hit by a 1998 or 2001 Ford Expedition SUV. It is not clear if police have compiled a list of all registered vehicles that match that description in Nassau.  It would be a simple matter to create such, which could not be very long in a such a small town.

Anyone who saw the incident, or who knows anyone with a 1998 or 2001 Ford Expedition SUV with a headlight missing or recently repaired, should contact the police.

Levon Cooper will be laid to rest on Saturday at New Bethany Cathedral, Key West Street, at 11:00am.

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