Five Little-Known Vacation Gems

Friday 28th, October 2011 / 08:54 Published by
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Most school geography classes won’t teach you about these five hidden countries … but they should have.

These five countries have the beaches to rival the Bahamas, the skiing to rival the Swiss Alps, and the hiking to rival New Zealand – plus one important addition, fewer tourists – you can’t book a trip to a place you’ve never heard of.

Some of these countries are smushed between many of the most popular world destinations, but still missed. Others are way off the beaten path for backpackers.


One of these countries is even hidden in the middle of Italy, but chances of you hearing about it? Pretty slim! It doesn’t even have defined borders to let you know you’ve entered a new country.

While these little known countries are sometimes a challenge to get into (some don’t even have an airport), they are all worth a trip.


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