Minimum Sentences Would Curb Unscrupulous Lawyers

Wednesday 26th, October 2011 / 09:21 Published by

courtI read in the newspaper that Mr Wayne Munroe made some comments against the imposition of a minimum sentence.  I disagree.

For the frequency and type of crimes being committed in The Bahamas, Parliament should prescribe the imposition that is needed to sort out the dilemma. Parliament should not make laws that facilitate wealth opportunities for lawyers.

The luxury of discretion, which magistrates and/or judges currently enjoy, should be withdrawn, because “their discretion” is the main negative contributor to the chaos that currently exists in the judiciary, mainly in adjournments, which in my opinion are orchestrated by some of them [lawyers] to frustrate, and extract more money from their clients.

No doubt, the real beneficiaries of such an unbridled system are unscrupulous lawyers, of which in my opinion there are many.

In too many instances, the plaintiffs are made out to be the criminals, and they are not. Parliament makes the rules, and not the judiciary. I think even a bush lawyer should know that.

It is my humble, but candid opinion, that any person who concludes otherwise, is not of a sound mind, and consequently should not be regarded as one suitable to be a defender or adjudicator.

Concerned Citizen
Nassau, The Bahamas
October, 2011.

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