New iPads Not So Secure

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The consumerization of IT is the single most influential technology trend of this decade. Companies are already well aware of it, as they wrestle with the growing influence of smartphones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and on and on. While this growth does bring business value, too many companies make the mistake to trust consumer technology with corporate sensitive data without deploying appropriate enterprise-grade infrastructure to secure and manage it. Consumer technology is sexy, convenient and easy to use. When it comes to security and data protection however, consumer technology still has a long way to go. Security and data protection in fact remain top concerns among IT professionals – see The Consumerization Report 2011.

One of the most evident aspects of the Consumerization of IT is represented by the influx of consumer mobile device in the enterprise. Two mobile platforms have quickly gained the majority of this market: the Apple iOS that powers iPhones and iPads and its close competitor Android. The ongoing debate among IT professionals these days is whether Apple iOS is more secure than Android and whether the strict control that Apple exercises on operating system and applications actually results in a more secure platform.


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