One Dead, Several Injured in Fox Hill Drug Gang ‘War’

Monday 24th, October 2011 / 10:25 Published by

Six men were shot and a teen-age boy stabbed as Fox Hill village turned into a war zone over the weekend.

Six fights broke out between rival gangs following the murder of alleged drug-thug Steven “Lit Runks” Davis, who was shot to death around 3:30am Saturday morning, shortly after leaving the Juju Tree Club in Fox Hill.

Davis, 28, of Grants Streeet, Fox Hill, was allegedly a top henchman of the late drug kingpin Dion “Emperor” Knowles. He was a suspect in the murder of Ricardo Edgecombe, who was shot to death in Fox Hill earlier this year, shortly after being released on bail for shooting at police officers.

Davis was sitting in a Honda automobile when a hitman walked up to the car and shot him in the head. The driver of the car, another gang member known as “Lil Maine”, reportedly jumped out of the vehicle and escaped unhurt.

Then, all hell broke loose.

In one incident, a relative of the murdered man was stabbed numeorus times by rival gangsters in the Juju Tree Club. Ray Davis, 16, of Johnson Road, is in critical condition in hospital. Several other persons were reportedly injured in the six fights that erupted.

The Fox Hill ‘war’ began when a Haitian-Bahamian drug-thug called “Limo” shot and wounded Steven Davis several months ago. In revenge, the Emperor’s gang killed Limo. Then the rival gang murdered Emperor, 44. And the fights continue.

Several other shootings occurred in Nassau over the weekend, including two men who were shot near the Bar 20 corner and two others who were shot outside the Pitt Restaurant on Augusta Street. In both cases, men pulled up in Honda automobiles and started shooting.

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