PLP Headquarters Ransacked

Thursday 13th, October 2011 / 13:31 Published by

PLP headquartersThe Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Headquarters was broken into Monday night and Free National Movement (FNM) pompoms were left hanging from the ceiling.

The office was ransacked with a portion of the ceiling torn off and three FNM pompoms left behind to accent the culprits’ work.

Michelle Reckley, assistant secretary general for the PLP told The Freeport News that an office worker discovered the disarray when she showed up for work yesterday morning.

The wreckage was confined to the upstairs offices of the two-story building, she said, adding that she believes the perpetrators got in through the roof.

Reckley said nothing was taken from the party’s headquarters, which left her baffled as to why the culprits broke into the building.

“I think it was just someone being nasty because we didn’t miss anything,” she said.


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