Seven Ships in Nassau Harbour Sets New Record

Friday 28th, October 2011 / 00:55 Published by
Nassau Port

Seven ships docked in Nassau Port

For the first time in history, Nassau jammed seven massive cruise ships into its port yesterday, as three vessels were diverted and sought refuge from Hurricane Rina.

More than 25,000 people flooded downtown Nassau, creating a surge in business for taxi drivers and local busineses.

“Seven ships of this size is a first for our port,” said Carla Stewart, the Director of Cruise Development.

Harbor pilots, Captain Eugene Munroe, Captain Rolle and Captain Taylor squeezed the ships into the port showing a high degree of skill and accuracy.

The seven ships docked at Nassau Port included Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity and four Carnival vessels.

Carla Stewart, Director of Cruise Development, said the dockings came with the collaboration and approval of both the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation and the Ministry of Environment.

“There were many persons on the pier who were anxious to see if the seventh vessel would make it in,” she said.

“It was a sight to see. They were almost touching each other – that’s how close they were and the degree of accuracy for the harbor pilots. It is a proud day for Bahamians.”

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