BTC Soon To Offer New Smartphones With 4G

Tuesday 08th, November 2011 / 08:57 Published by

If you are considering investing in a smartphone to take advantage of 4G service once it launches in key markets this year, the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is saying you may want to wait a few weeks to see what it’s about to roll out.

The current market in The Bahamas for data plans (mobile Internet access) is around 18,000 customers, according to Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Business Development at the telecoms company, Marlon Johnson.

He said Blackberry devices, which have been in BTC’s product line for five years, dominate the local market for mobile Internet with about an 80 percent share.

Later this month, BTC will start informing the market about the range of handsets and capabilities of the new network in a “significant way”, according to Johnson.

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  • Is this regular “4G” phones as in WiMax and HSPA+, or LTE?
    Because neither are technically 4G more like really fast 3G. Another question is how much people can afford phones with “4G” radios which start at like $500 unless BTC is gonna subsidize the purchase. Most existing phones what we use here dont support “4G” frequencies.


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