Convicted Child Rapist Back Behind Bars

Wednesday 23rd, November 2011 / 09:36 Published by
convicted shild rapist Andrew Bridgewater

Andrew Bridgewater

Andrew Bridgewater was apparently not rehabilitated during his five-year stay at Fox Hill prison.

The convicted child rapist has been arrested again after attempying to rape a woman at knifepoint and kidnap two primary school children.

Police arrested Bridgewater at his residence on Marshall Road around 3:00pm yesterday. They had been looking for him for over two weeks.

He will be charged with attempted rape, robbery and abduction.

Bridgewater was convicted in 2007 for the rape of a six-year-old girl. He was released September 11, 2011, one day before the fifth anniversary of his crime.

Actually, he was originally sentenced to 10 cat-o-nine-tails lashes and seven years in prison, but he appealed the flogging and a typically lenient Bahamian judge released the pervert after time served.

Two weeks ago, Bridgewater allegedly tried to kidnap two children who managed to escape and tell their parents.

Earlier this week, Bridgewater, armed with a knife, allegedly tried to rape a woman who fought off the attack and managed to cut Bridgewater with his own knife before escaping.

The woman went to the police to report the incident and while at the police station, she noticed a Wanted poster with Bridgewater’s picture on it.

Police then went and arrested him.

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