Contract Signed For Repairs To Andros Roads

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Public Works, Transport and Housing Minister Neko Grant (fourth from left) presents a contract to Basil Neymour for reconstruction and repair of roads in Staniard Creek. Also pictured from left is Alvin Smith, Minister Desmond Bannister, Colin Higgs, permanent secretary, Minister Earl Deveaux and Minister Byron Woodside. (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson)

Staniard Creek, Andros – Central Andros High School student Donesha Hamilton thanked the Government for signing a contract for roads in Staniard Creek. She described it as a long, over due project that brings much needed relief to the people of this island.

Public Works, Transport and Housing Minister Neko C Grant led a delegation to Andros Wednesday to sign a $2,523,280.00 contract with Basil Neymour Construction Company for repair and reconstruction of roads in the settlement of Staniard Creek.

Minister Grant said the work is a “component of the overall effort to ensure that public infrastructure throughout The Bahamas is adequate as well as to enhance road safety in our communities.”

Residents of the community filled the classroom in Staniard Creek Primary School where the signing ceremony was held. Accompanying Minister Grant was the Hon. Earl Deveaux, the Hon. Byron Woodside, the Hon. Desmond Bannister, the Hon. Alvin Smith, Permanent Secretary Colin Higgs, Director John Canton and Engineer Dion Munroe. Also in attendance were Local Government   Administrators Christie, Munroe and Duncombe, Chief Counsellors Bain and Rahming and heads of Government Departments. Students of Central Andros High School and the Staniard Creek Community Choir provided music for the ceremony.

As Andros is commonly referred to as the “sleeping giant”, Minister Woodside in his remarks said, “It is time for the “sleeping giant” to be awakened. We are talking about paving a road, but let that road be the road to success.”

“For Andros to wake up from the “sleeping giant” we need to have roads for people to be able to drive on,” said Minister Bannister. “When we’re finished the roads in Staniard Creek we have to do the roads in Mastic Point, Blanket Sound, Stafford Creek, Red Bays and Nicholls Town. They are all in terrible condition.”

Minister Deveaux asked the residents what are they able to do with the resources of their land and life. He said Andros represents an opportunity and an ideal for the western hemisphere far bigger than anyone can contemplate. “Don’t limit yourselves, don’t limit your island and do not mortgage your future. This opportunity we bring, the leadership we will provide and the support we will give must be complemented by the drive in you.”

Minister Grant said earlier this year his ministry prepared a scope of works of more than 72 miles of roads in North and Central Andros that were found to be in stages of disrepair. A phased approached to the repair programme was proposed and it was agreed that the project would commence with the reconstruction and repair of 5.3 miles of roads in Staniard Creek.

Mr. Grant congratulated Mr. Neymour on the award of the contract and said the Government expects the work to be of a high standard and completed in the allotted timeframe.

The work will begin today (December 15) and is scheduled for completion in six months.

By  Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services

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