Could Bran’s Plan Work?

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Disrupting Bahamian politicsFormer policeman and newspaper columnist, Errington Watkins takes umbrage with Dennis Dame’s article concerning the DNA’s supposed strategy, suggesting that the new party’s intention to disrupt Bahamian politics couldn’t happen. Watkins warns it can.

There are 38 seats in Parliament, for the sake of argument, let us say that neither of the two major parties were able to come up with the majority vote (20) and again let us say that they each have 18 seats like in 1967.  You did pose the question: what is this?  It will be a tie cuz.  Do you not yet get it?  Then let me make it crystal clear for you.  The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) will be the hinge on which hangs the next government.  If you are too young to remember the 1967 scenario, then ask an older relative about it.

There are two old Bahamian sayings that go thus: “There is nothing new under the face of the sun” and “What goes around comes around”.  Some 44 years ago the two major parties – the United Bahamian Party (UBP) and Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) were vying for the majority of seats in a 38-seat Parliament.  They came out with 18 each.  Randol Fawkes, the sole contender for the Labour Party, won his seat and Alvin Braynen, an independent, won his.  The two major parties immediately started wooing them for support.  They chose to go with the PLP, thus bringing into being majority rule.  Do not feel bad cuz, it could happen again and if it does it will not be like Fawkes and Braynen, for they accepted what they were offered.  The DNA will demand what it wants or there will be new elections.

To be quite frank, I do not see any of the above happening; because if elections were called tomorrow the DNA will garner a minimum of 24 seats.  If it goes to May, I see 26 or 27 for the DNA and I see a maximum of five seats for the Free National Movement (FNM) with the PLP being what they are now, the official opposition in Parliament.  The electorate is completely fed up with Pindling’s worn-out, washed-up, corrupt and all for me baby style of governance.  After 44 years of more of the same regardless of which party, PLP or FNM, is the government, it’s time for a change.

There are many in John Q. Public who will say Watkins must be doting or he has lost it.  Nothing will ever be further from the truth.  I have been predicting elections from 1962 and was wrong on two – the 1987 and 2007 elections.  They were both lost due to the ineptitude and political inefficiency of the two leaders of the parties in question.  Following are the reasons for my prediction:

* This country has not had a change of government since 1967.  Why?  Because Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie have both been trained and tutored by Lynden Pindling.

* Their reasoning, modus operandi and style of governance are those of their mentor.

* They are products of the 20th century and cannot cope with 21st century problems and ethics in governing.

* They are both bankrupt of ideas for progressive governance.

* Crime, corruption, nepotism and greed have escalated under each of their successive governments since 1992.

* Illegal immigration is completely out of control.

* The national debt is a disaster.

* Because of government mismanagement of the recession crisis, the middle class Bahamian is fast becoming extinct.

* The influx of alien laborers is creating havoc for Bahamians.

* The granting of citizenship to a large number of persons just before a general election is a grave injustice to Bahamian voters.

* The large number of small businesses made bankrupt because of the so-called road work being done by non-English speaking migrants in preference to Bahamian contractors.

* Bahamian workers being abused by foreign contractors and being badly treated by the minister responsible for the project, again without recourse.

* Millions of dollars being stolen from government-operated entities.

* And, no transparency into the disbursement of the people’s money.

I could go on and on, but space does not allow that luxury.  Suffice it to say that there are tens of thousands of voters in the electorate who are not saying anything now, but will talk loudly and clearly with the pen whenever the election is called.  And many of them will come from both major parties.  No, they will not be turncoats, but proud God-fearing Bahamians who have witnessed the rot and decay eating at the very core of this nation’s youths and the unprecedented murder, rape and child molestation rates in this once peaceful and God-fearing nation.  They will just be doing their part to bring the rot and decay to a halt by way of the democratic process.

Not only is the road project a disaster that is wreaking havoc among small businesses in the black belt areas of New Providence, but the cost is astronomical and 75 percent of the cash is going out of the country while hardworking Bahamians are losing their homes, cars and thousands of youngsters are being denied a good education because of the inability of their parents and guardians to pay.  Bahamian road builders are hurting, while imported contractors are having a heyday on money that Bahamians yet unborn will have to repay.

Wake up Bahamians.  It is time that we save this country from the disastrous course on which it is headed so that future generations of Bahamians do not find themselves as foreigners in their own country.  We have the power of the vote.  Let us use it to save this nation from its present course of rot and decay.  The PLP and FNM have both failed in their bids to provide this nation with vibrant, honest, incorruptible and transparent administrations.  The time for a change is nigh at hand.

By: Errington W. I. Watkins

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