Fire Ravages Bay Street – VIDEO

Friday 02nd, December 2011 / 09:34 Published by
Fire on Bay Street

Photo from the Nassau Guardian

Firefighters worked through the night trying to put out a blaze that completely destroyed the historic Pompey Museum and damaged other buildings as it ravaged Bay Street.

Cultural officials say the loss of the artifacts in the museum  is a major loss for the country.

The fire also destroyed the building west of the museum, which housed The Balcony nightclub, before jumping across the street to the southern side of Bay Street where it damaged other structures, including an office building that houses the Chief Justice’s Court.

Police temporarily blocked off all roads leading into Bay Street.  They do not know how the fire started.

This is the second major fire on Bay Street this year.  The first occurred on Valentine’s Day when Kelly’s Dock was destroyed.

And it comes just over 10 years after the Bay Street straw market was destroyed by fire.

Fortunately, the new $11 million Bay Street straw market was not threatened, although it has likely suffered smoke damage.

As of this morning, the fire is under control.


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