Rapist on Bail Suspected of Murdering His Victim

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Candice Major, a church-going 17-year-old was raped in August.

Major was a resident of Second Street, Coconut Grove, and a 2010 graduate of Government High School.

Andrew Wallace, a career criminal nicknamed “mugs” was charged with the young lady’s rape on Setember 2.

Wallace, also from Coconut Grove, was granted $6,000 bail by Magistrate Subusola Swain and the matter was adjourned until November 21.

He did not show up for court and an arrest warrant was issued for him.

Last week, Candice’s badly beaten body was found at Blue Water Cay, off Fox Hill Road.

Police are not sure, but others suspect that Ms Major was beaten to death at the hands of Mr Wallace, so she could not testify against him in court.

Homicide detectives are also looking for Wallace since the September 15 shooting death of Leonardo Lewis at Palmetto Avenue and East Street.

Anyone with information about his location should contact police on 502-9991, 919, or 328-TIPS.

Some are suggesting that the Magistrate’s lenience in granting bail to a known criminal resulted in Ms Major’s death.

Criminals on bail are responsible for the majority of major violent crimes in The Bahamas. The government recently enacted a package of legislation meant to address the problem but it has done little to affect the crime rate.

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2 Comments on “Rapist on Bail Suspected of Murdering His Victim

  • Disgusted with incompetent judges

    Meanwhile, two people with no prior criminal records were NOT released on bail after being charged with stealing money from Atlantis. What does this tell you about our justice system?


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