Road Improvement Project Breaks For Christmas

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Pictured is one of the 12 new traffic signals installed on Marathon and Robinson Roads as part of the infrastructure project. Pedestrian activated lights have also been installed throughout the island. (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson)

Nassau, The Bahamas –Work on the New Providence Infrastructure Improvement Project will shut down for the Christmas holidays as of December 20 and resume on January 5, 2012 Ministry of Works’ officials announced Monday.

Public Works and Transport Minister led media representatives on a bus tour to highlight the progress of the project. Joining him was Permanent Secretary Colin Higgs, Project Coordinator Khader Alikhan, staff of the Project Execution Unit, the traffic division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and Jose Cartellone, contractor.

The two hour long tour included stops at some major corridors including Baillou Hill Road north and south, Prince Charles Drive and Marathon Road.

During 2011 approximately 48 miles of pipes and ducts for major utility companies have been laid, 12 traffic signal lights and   137 street lights have been installed. Minister Grant said the Government is not simply paving roads but seeking to “improve the quality of life for Bahamians and providing utilities for all of the major corporations.”

A median has been installed on Maraton Road. According to environmentalist Shenique Albury the median is to ensure continuous flow of traffic and reduce bottlenecking and congestion. “We had a number of drivers shortcutting in the Palmetto Village/Marathon Estates   on very narrow roads. The network is not designed for the high volume of traffic that was travelling through there. We are   trying to prevent shortcutting of large volumes of traffic on neighbourhood roads or those that are for local access,” she said.

Significant work including the installation of over 20,000 feet of 24 inch water main and the widening and increase from two to four lanes has been carried out on Prince Charles Drive. Ms. Albury said this corridor has the highest average daily traffic in The Bahamas. “More vehicles are travelling on Prince Charles Drive every day than any other roadway in New Providence,” she stated.

Mr. Grant announced a July 2012 completion date for the project. “We’ve been reconstructing roads, landscaping, putting in sidewalks and street lights so when we target July as a completion   date that is the completion date for the project in its entirety.”

He noted that funds are been expended to secure a programme that will deal with management of New Providence and Family Island roads.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services

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