Bahamas Crumbling Under Majority Rule

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Tuesday January 10, 2012; marked 45 years since the Bahamas achieved Majority rule; but since that time, this nation has been governed as a Colony, stuck in a Colonial past.

Since 1956, three years after the formation of the Progressive Liberal Party, the Bahamian people were waiting for a time when someone would come to lead them out of their Colonial Wilderness.

In 1967, the time did come, but then, just as quickly left; because left unresolved, was the core principle of what is majority rule.

Prior to the general election of 1967, there was no question as to what was minority rule; but after 45 years of a majority administration; there is still a question of what is majority rule.

Since the attainment of majority rule, the Island of Andros particularly South Andros has been treated as a Leper; politicians would only come close enough to gain political power, then after that they are gone; they would return five years later, with another set of empty promises; that is why the communities of South Andros are dying; some are already dead.

For more than 44 years, politicians were given, or in some cases have taken credit for the attainment of majority rule, the facts are, the people themselves are responsible for the change.

The records have shown that 45 percent of the people supported the Progressive Liberal Party and 45 percent supported the UBP, and 10 percent went another way; which resulted in an 18 seat tie between the two major political parties, and 10 percent between the Labor, NDP and Independent members; so only 45 percent of the Bahamian people were ready for majority rule; if credit must be given; it ought to go to Randol F. Fawkes and Alvin R. Braynen, because without their support and commitment, there would be no majority rule.

On July 10 1973, The Bahamas became an Independent nation; an Independent nation has an obligation to chart its own destiny; but for 45 years, it has been following a Colonial path.

Before the coming of majority rule, against all odd, there was a vibrant business community in the inner city; businesses such as the Cat and Fiddle, Silver Slippers, Zanzibar, Banana Boat, and others including the People’s Penny Savings Bank.

Those businesses were the lifeline of the inner city; that was a time when tourists could be seen everywhere over the hill, but since their closure, the inner city was constantly on a decline.

The question is how was it that those businesses were able to flourish under minority rule, but crumbled under majority rule? That situation has defied logic.

As Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Arthur D. Hanna saw the need and called for a Grant’s Town Urban redevelopment plan, but since he resigned that office in 1984; nothing was done to the proposed project until 18 years later, when it re-emerged as Urban Renewal.

Urban Renewal is an excellent plan; but it was allowed to become too political.

Prince G. Smith

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3 Comments on “Bahamas Crumbling Under Majority Rule

  • Carl, I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said, “people get the government they deserve” – and that is certainly true in The Bahamas. Until the Bahamian people change their mindset, the government will remain self-serving.

  • It is not one leader (or party) that will lead this nation out of it’s entrenched and somewhat childish political state, but rather the PEOPLE of this nation who will do that! No leader is any more powerful than the people they represent allow those leaders to be. However when you have a population that tolerates mediocrity, (even ignorance) and self serving leadership, then that nation gets what it deserves. Much like the USA is experiencing now, where after generations of accepting the “status quo”, it now is having to bear up under unfavorable circumstances. I can say with certainty that the nation of the Bahamas, will all but reap what it has allows to happen within it’s borders and to themselves as a people. All this which is brought on by a population that has become lazy, who swarm around trivial topics like bees to honey, but who get nothing of substance done. A nation which in most part is ineffective in their own management and holds no one accountable for their actions. A nation of people (not all, but most) who act as if they are 5th graders who need a strong hand to guide them. Unfortunately, like in school, when you have ineffective and self serving teachers, you teach those same traits to your students. Thus the vicious circle begins. I can only hope the people of this nation start to develop a backbone and seek true independence of their lives and those of their future generations.


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