Bahamian Music Artist Releases New Single

Friday 13th, January 2012 / 08:02 Published by


Bahamian reggae/hip-hop recording music artist, MDEEZ has officially released a brand- new single via the social media website youtube.

The track ‘Without You’ is of the Caribbean-like reggae beat and features a groovy, funky, super fresh rhythm.

Commenting on the popular track, which has garnered over 1,000 views, the artist MDEEZ said, “the music I’m doing now is just a reflection of what I am feeling, more world appeal long lasting classic music. Collaborating is just me and my backup singers the track was made by Cyclone Entertainment and J-vibes.”

MDEEZ also noted that the track is not up for sale as yet, but eager listeners and followers of his music can access the track online as it is a part of his album, ‘Two Faced Bastard.’

MDEEZ said, the message behind this track is simply this, “don’t wait until its too late to realize the good things in your life, take time for those that really matter.”

The track was published by J-Vibe Music and Hit Farm Music and produced by Jason A. Farmer and Grand Bahamian music producer and talent manager, Preston Kyle Stuart of Cyclone Entertainment.

Source: The Freeport News


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