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Pictured are business owners and residents at an information meeting organised by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport on the proposed change in traffic direction on a portion of Robinson Road and Palm Tree Avenue. Environmental specialist Shenique Albury is pictured addressing the meeting held at First Baptist Church. (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson)

Nassau, The Bahamas – Residents and business owners received first hand information on the proposed changes in traffic direction on portions of Robinson Road and Palm Tree Avenue during two meetings organised by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

In attendance was consultant Khader Alikhan, environmental specialist Shanique Albury, engineers Francis Clarke and John Joy. Representatives of the Police Traffic Division included ASP Dennis Sturrup and Sgt. Garlon Rolle.

Giving an overview of the New Providence Improvement and Infrastructure Project, Ms. Albury explained that in March 2010 a couplet system was implemented on Baillou Hill Road and Market Street. The new system resulted in a “rat race” through Roberta Drive, bottlenecking on Robinson Road and   challenges associated with right turn movements among others Ms. Albury said.

“The Ministry has developed options to address the issues and help to improve the traffic flow and challenges at Market Street and Robinson Road,” she said.

Ms. Albury emphasised that the proposed changes do not include road closures or underground work and only involves movement of traffic.

The proposed changes are: one way westbound on Robinson Road from Market Street to Baillou Hill Road, one way eastbound on Palm Tree Avenue from Baillou Hill Road to Market Street, no entry on to Robinson Road from First or Second Streets, right turn only from Robinson Road on to First or Second Streets and permanent closure of Roberta Drive.

Concerns expressed by the community during the question and answer period included the creation of southbound corridors, police presence during evening hours and the impact of the project and the proposed changes on the community.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services


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