Loser Christie Desperate For Power

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Perry Christie

There is the ordinary type of hypocrisy. Then there is the Perry Gladstone Christie brand of hypocrisy.

The man who said he would swim through vomit to return to the PLP has always been more interested in getting power than moving the country forward, always more interested in profiling than working.

Christie was useless as prime minister. But he is desperate to get back into office because he has no legacy. Even if Hubert Ingraham left office tomorrow he has a legacy of which he can be proud.

But if Christie does not win again he will go down in history as an utterly failed prime minister and leader.

So, he will say all kinds of things to win.

Since the onset of the 2008 worldwide economic recession, Christie has pretended that the impact of the downturn is the fault of Ingraham. Now all of a sudden Christie admits the impact of the downturn on The Bahamas.

But apparently he has only done so to cover up his grand scale incompetence and perhaps his biggest blunder in office.

We now know that Christie and his incompetent government allowed Kerzner International to leverage its Bahamas operations to build its mega-resort in Dubai.

This is something Ingraham says he would never have done. Now that Kerzner International is having debt problems, Perry Christie, is blaming the Ingraham government for what he and the PLP messed up on.

As usual Ingraham will have to clean up the Perry Christie mess. Christie should keep his mouth closed and say thank God for Hubert Ingraham.

Because God knows if it was left to the PLP there would have been no Atlantis in the first place.

Let’s not forget that a number of senior PLPs bitterly opposed the Atlantis development.

Not only is Perry Christie unable get big projects like Baha Mar going in the first place.

Whatever he gets his hands on he wrecks. But to hide his incompetence and failures he is happy to blame others for his mistakes.

The buck never stops with Christie. It’s always someone else’s fault. This is not the stuff of which real leaders are made.

Perry Christie says he would be happy to offer his help with international investors on the Kerzner matter.

If Bahamians don’t laugh at this, they’ll have to weep. If Ingraham sees Christie coming to offer advice, he should run, not walk away from the most incompetent prime minister in Bahamian history.

At least Christie is good for a good laugh, if nothing else.


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  • The frightening part is there are some people who honestly think Christie was a great PM. They want to vote for him again. I just don’t get it.


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