McCartney To Get ‘Rude Awakening’ at Election Time

Tuesday 31st, January 2012 / 09:39 Published by
Hubert Ingraham and Cassius Stuart

Hubert Ingraham and Cassius Stuart

Bran McCartney is in for a “rude awakening” at election time, says the FNM candidate for Bamboo Town, Cassius Stuart.

Mr Stuart, the former leader of the Bahamas Democratic Movement (BDM), said he is confident that Bamboo Town is, “the bedrock of the FNM”. He thinks Mr McCartney “confused the whole thing” when he decided to quit the FNM halfway through his term and form the Democratic National Alliance (DNA).

“He thought the votes were for him,” Mr Stuart said, “but Bamboo Town has always been and will always be FNM.

“His perception is bigger than his reality and that’s going to be his downfall.” Stuart reportedly said of Mr McCartney during an interview with a local newspaper.

Mr Stuart disbanded the BDM party last year and joined the FNM after a decade of failed attempts to get a foothold in politics.

“We had to take a practical way to politics. I determined that the people of Bahamas love either the FNM or the PLP, while the third party gets less than one per cent of the vote.”

Stuart said he wanted “to be a part of affecting the direction of the country,” and that wasn’t possible with the continued losses of the BDM.

Mr Stuart went to both the PLP and the FNM, expressing his interest in joining one of the main stream parties.  While he waited months for Perry Christie to answer, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham responded  “within one hour”.

After months of negotiation, Stuart joined the FNM feeling that the party has proven themselves to be a party of action, versus the PLP.

“You can see the fingerprint of the FNM, that is the difference. It is evident throughout the Bahamas.”

And it was Mr Ingraham’s “strength” that made it easier for him to “submit” to the FNM.

“One leader to another, it’s difficult to submit to a leader weaker than you,” Mr Stuart said. “It’s like if you’re a student and you’re smarter than your teacher – it doesn’t work.”

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2 Comments on “McCartney To Get ‘Rude Awakening’ at Election Time

  • I agree Stoneman. All this stuff about the marital rape comments making him unpopular is pure speculation. intelligent women voters will not become hysterical and take his remarks out of context. He was obviously NOT implying that marital rape is acceptable, only that it would be hard to PROVE and has the potential to be abused by an agrieved wife. Since we have laws protecting ALL women from rape or physical abuse, to include it in our marital laws (a crime resulting in possible lengthy imprisonment) could create much unnecessary conroversy and grief. Women who feel uncomfortable at any juncture in their relationship with their husband can speak out, ask for counseling, apply to the courts for a restraining order and ultimately file for divorce if all else fails. YIKES! It scares the living daylights out of me to consider Mr. Stuart’s narrow minded and ill-advised opinion that this country is doomed to choose (indefinitely) from two scandal ridden old parties which have destroyed this country’s credibility across the globe. Corruption and collusion within their ranks and throughout the government system has undoubtedly contributed to the appalling situation now with crime. A fresh start may be our only hope of regaining respect, while moving toward a new era of honesty, integrity, humility, strength and resolve to work toward a self sufficient future. Perhaps the DNA will prove to be a well organized, honest, sincere new party, willing to hear our voices and TRULY put the Bahamian people’s interests FIRST with God’s guidance.

  • …“His perception is bigger than his reality and that’s going to be his downfall.” Stuart reportedly said…
    Gawd dang boy!! Spit.! Your mouth must be full of blood from that tongue-biting statement!


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