Old Fort Club Increases Fee 67 Per Cent

Monday 16th, January 2012 / 08:18 Published by

Old Fort Bay Club

The exclusive Old Fort Bay club warned members it had “no alternative” but to implement the first ever increase in annual membership dues, raising them by 67 per cent to $5,000 per year, given that costs were “at an unsustainable level”.

In a January 12, 2012, letter, Hunter ‘Terry White’, who completed the acquisition of 100 per cent of the Old Fort Bay Club’s owner/operator, New Providence Development Company, late last year, said the “dramatic” increase in numerous costs – including utilities and labour – in the eight years since it opened had left little choice.

Mr White, in his message to the western New Providence club’s patrons, said: “You may be surprised to learn that since the Club’s inception in 2003, we have not raised the annual dues, nor have we levied any sort of charge for the added amenities.


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