A Season of ‘Demonization’

Friday 10th, February 2012 / 11:17 Published by

We are entering a season where some of our most able citizens take leave of their senses and profess their chosen political ideology with such a passion that the question of demonization comes up.

In years past, I gave this anomaly little consideration, but having come face to face with it in the past decade I feel the need to comment.

This activity really pinged my radar when one of the local pastors used some very inappropriate language as a ‘man of God’, as he “directed” his flock in a previous election.

I will admit that at the time I saw his behavior as normal, when you consider his upbringing within that ‘political community.’

In that same year, I watched as several persons who I have been in ministry with, went out on political limbs and started cutting on the wrong side of the limb they were standing on; they would have done irreparable harm to themselves and their families, if not for intervention.

I think demonization is an accurate term, because when we attempt to talk about those ‘past’ incidences they claim to have no memory of it.

This could be the year that we get some answers about the true function of political ideology in a social context, as a younger voting population asks the questions that have nothing to do with jobs, entitlement, dependency or Exodus as we have evolved into the new pharaohs. The populace who see themselves as a majority will have to experience their own personal exorcising as they battle the social and cultural influences that have allowed particular biases to be inserted into their psyches. In my opinion, this is worse than being a drug addict.

In a recent sermon during the majority rule celebration, Pastor Timothy Stewart reminded the listeners that we who consider ourselves the majority came into a circumstance that allowed us to exercise our freedom as Bahamians, but some of us were more comfortable in securing our own “Pharaohs” as we ventured into the new land.

What his sermon also implied is what we call a Bahamian majority has nothing to do with skin color – although some politicians would want to tell you different as they spread their own gospel of fear and mistrust. What was preached as a confusing black and white issue has been further confounded by the additional colors of yellow, red and green.

Are we going to get past ourselves and the biases that beset us every five years? Or are we going to nail those who lead us to a wall and demand that they fulfil their obligation to us and we can make it easier for them by fulfilling our obligations to ourselves (buyin’ ya oon fridge and stove).

If we are to get from where we are and put all of this new infrastructure to work, jobs are the least of our worries. Right now we have to fight the battles that matter, so that we and those who follow us do not find themselves back in Egypt; and, there is nothing wrong in doing the hard work required.

Do not believe the lie that all you have to do is be Bahamian and let those who lead do the rest. Nation building is hard work and it must be intentional, especially in the four and a half years between the silly season.

Edward Hutcheson


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