BUSTED! PLP Nabbed For Customs Duty Scam

Monday 20th, February 2012 / 11:13 Published by

Progressive Liberal PartyAn import agent working for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) was busted by Customs trying to bring in a 40-ft container of election campaign t-shirts without paying the full amount of duty on the goods.

The agent is a brother of a senior PLP MP.

If the shipment had cleared the container based on the declaration form submitted by the agent, the PLP would have paid tens of thousands of dollars less in duty.

Instead, a Customs officer made a close inspection of the shipment and discovered that the PLP agent had failed to declare the full and proper value and description of the goods.

A PLP party officer, who was with the agent is a scandal-ridden, drug-smeared goon who is reportedly banned from traveling to the U.S.

The PLP goon allegedly offered the customs officer a $2,000 bribe to clear the container at the lower cost.

The Customs officer declined the bribe, made the PLP import agent pay the full duty on the shipment and levied a $10,000 fine.

The import agent’s PLP MP brother reportedly rang Customs chief Glenn Gomez, complaining about the $10,000 fine and additional duty. But Gomez refused to lift the fine.

Source:  The PUNCH

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