Myles Munroe: Arrogant Religious Opportunist

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"I da man"

World acclaimed Bahamian multi-millionaire best selling author, pastor, leader, motivational speaker, consultant, enterpreneur, businessman, diplomat and statesman, Dr. Myles Munroe said his impact in the Bahamas is such that the mention of his name is enough to give anyone access into his country.

He was speaking to Journalists in Accra during a press conference to herald his five-day visit to Ghana to hold business leadership seminars for present and aspiring business leaders in Ghana, and also meet with top politicians, including President John Evans Ata Mills.

Adom News sought to know what his impact in his own country has been, which gave him the impetus to seek to impact Ghana with his ideas.

He answered to a spontaneous round of applauds saying “my impact in the Bahamas can be measured by when your land in our country at the airport and you call my name they will let you in.”

Munroe has one of those quasi-authentic doctorate degrees and is the founder of his very own church which milks millions from naive people for his own personal glorification and wealth.  He represents everything that Jesus preached against.


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22 Comments on “Myles Munroe: Arrogant Religious Opportunist

  • My grandmother gave so much money to this con man, she is in heaven because she thought she was helping the poor with her donations. But this con man never gave a penny back to her when she had none left, I hope he is burning in hell, and God has put him under her feet as he promises.

    • Mr. Archer, Myles Monroe is everything Jesus preached against. To use the name of the Lord for his own gain is blasphemy; “Don’t use my name in vain, said the Lord”. I would bet your grandmother is in the presence of God, why Monroe is in the darkness of the eternal Abyss.

  • As the Lord said, “judge nothing before the time of judgment!”
    Therefore, we should leave all judgment to Christ the Lord. For when we judge others it is from our own perspective and from God’s view. In doing so we too become sinners who needs to repent. After all, he lead many to Christ the end.

  • Mother Teresa ate on the floor with the poor in Calcutta, India. The Pope in Rome lives in a palace and uses gold utensils to eat. Dr. Munroe ate like a king while being flown from place to place in his million dollar private jet. I bet you when you meet God at his Thrown, you will see Mother Teresa near his side, but you won’t see the likes of the other two anywhere near him. We Bahamians have to stop putting fools like these on pedestal just because they show and have wealth. This is the wrong message we give our youth, that a person is measured because of how much money they have. Dr. Munroe was nothing by a good con man, a salesman, that’s all. I man who gave out $100 bill’s in a place that is suppose to be the house of the Lord. And what’s really sad is, the fools that he gave the money too don’t realize the money came from someone else that gave his so called church that money. All this con man did at his so called church is, give someone else’s money to them. And look at who his friends are, all the government officials that are stealing from us everyday. I truly believe God works in mysterious ways, and his death in such a violent way, and the jet crashing into a junk pile, this is God telling me something. I can’t think for the life of me of any religious leader ever dying in such a way, can you? God is sending us a message through this accident, maybe about false prophets using his name for money, what do you think?

    • I was saddened learning of the death of Dr. Myles Munroe; of all aboard his aircraft. More saddening was the reason given for the disaster. His many books, generally paper-backs, prove he was a tenacious author and must’ve generated income from a global marketing source. I do not attend his church. Nor lean toward his denomination but disbelieve he was a fool unwittingly placed on a pedestal. May the memory of the righteous be a blessing (Proverbs 10:7). “O that [we] would be completely silent, And that it would become [our] wisdom! (Job 13:5).

  • Dr. Myles Munroe: To every generation, God gives a good man…or few
    Today, I thank Him for sending us…you!

  • A millionaire pastor..HAHAHA!,OMG!,HAHAHAHAHA! Only in the Bahamas! HAHAHAHA! I guess the Hollywood star wanta be pastor forgot what Jesus said about money, “You can’t worship money and God”, who the hell is this con man trying to fool? Look at him in this foolish photo above, do you think he would give up all his wealth to fallow the Lord? Hell no!, “I da man”, no, “Your the fool”.

  • The real problem is that people don’t read the Bible. Jesus never said promote me. He said go through out all the world preaching the kingdom of God has arrived. If you study out the kingdom you will understand God’s original plan for man. God put man on earth to have dominion. The bible says that He will give us the desires of our heart.

  • He has no impact on the Bahamas, that is why he gave that answer. His impact is on how much of the money given to build an ORU type university has gone into his own pockets. He has helped some drug pushers stay out of prison & gain entrance again into the US. He has helped strengthen a false concept that the prosperous man is pleasing God & those who are not are not doing the will of God by living up to their full potential. So men who made money through corrupt practices are paraded in the front & janitors and store clerks are snubbed. One thing every single person knows who attends BFM is Myles is arrogant & loves to make people feel inferior.

  • I think it is malicious to describe a man with 3 bachelors degrees, with a masters degree, author of 25 best selling books, a businessman as an opportunist. Dr Myles worked for his money. I think what these poverty-minded critics should do is to go to Myles and learn the secrets that helped him to excel. Millions of people worldwide had become successful just learning from him.

    • I though we were suppose to read Jesus’s book, how much is the pastor’s book? Wait a minute, I have to pay for the pastor’s book, that tells me about Jesus’s free book? Why doesn’t the pastor just kick me the ass as he counts his money on the way to the bank?

      • HAHAHAHAHA! Holy crap that’s funny as hell, but true as hell. I can go to any church in the world and ask for a bible and it will be given to me for free; I’ve done it.

    • This man is the worst type out there. While he may have earned his money. He has also taken from people who should not be giving to him. With no conscience. Why are his books not free? At least some of them. He is a hypocrite that is only out to MAKE MONEY. I don’t need him to tell me how to live right. I can read a book by myself fine enough.

  • If he said this ……I agree totally with the writer above about his arrogance .He has forgotten that he is suppose to be promoting our Lord and Saviour above himself. People always forget who has given them the power to do the things that they do, especialy pastors in this country!
    Lord help us all !

    Just keep praying for our country, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is all that I can say today.

    • People such as yourself enable these “men of god”. They have no divine powers. They are motivational speakers. Which I have no issue with but they are lying about their true intentions. There is none pure .It is not natural. These men are a few steps above robbers and that is only because you people give them your hard earned money willingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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