Bahamian Man Arrested In Florida For Child Porn

Tuesday 13th, March 2012 / 09:15 Published by

A Bahamian man faces 250 counts of child pornography in a Florida court, according to media reports last night.

Broward County police arrested 26-year-old Kenwood Deveaux after they found “photos of children in unspeakable positions” in his possession on Saturday.

According to The Miami Herald, the Hallandale Beach resident lived across from a park with his mother.

Deveaux was arraigned later that same day with his bail set at more than a million dollars.

According to investigators, Deveaux was also put on “immigrant hold” as he was in the country illegally from the Bahamas.

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1 Comments on “Bahamian Man Arrested In Florida For Child Porn

  • Look how fast U.S. authorities nabbed this pervert and are appropriately punishing him. Meanwhile, back at home, Andre Birbal, who committed even more serious acts of perversion – YEARS AGO – is still jacking the Bahamian courts around. Our legal system is a joke.


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