Christie Is A ‘Total Abysmal Failure’

Thursday 08th, March 2012 / 09:19 Published by

Perry Christie

PLP leader Perry Christie has been a “total abysmal failure” in terms of his impact on the justice system, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said.

After coming under fire from the PLP over crime levels and what they claim is a slow rate of conviction, Mr Ingraham hit back at a press conference in Exuma over the weekend. He said the FNM has taken “concrete steps” to ensure the Bahamian criminal justice system works.

“We have a court and a judge who’s only job is to try current cases, meaning that any case that came up between 2010 and today, that is all that judge is supposed to do.”

There are another two judges who try the cases dating back to before 2010, and one more whose job it is to retry cases if the Court of Appeal deems it necessary, he explained.

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1 Comments on “Christie Is A ‘Total Abysmal Failure’

  • Christie is a total abysmal failure being partner with Ingraham in law. Clear message to who needs to go.


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