Humane Society Disco Raises Funds For Animal Care

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The Disco Night on Saturday was well-attended and a fun time was had by all.  There were some fabulous outfits and great music.  This event raised over $6,000.  The Bahamas Humane Society thanks those who donated time, services, silent auction prizes and mini-raffle prizes, including Patricia Leigh-Wood, The Potting Shed, Fox Hill Nursery, Roscoe Darville, John Bull, Bahamar, Michelle Cove, Scott Aranha, Patricia Vazquez, Julian Jakusz, Paul Aranha Jr., Kirk Duncombe, Stephen Turnquest, Karen Waugh, Tania Hyde, and more.

As you know, the BHS Raffle Draw was held that night. Congratulations to the 2012 raffle winners. First Prize: Olivia McKinney; Second Prize: Maria Teresa Vallo; Third Prize: Doral Fowler; Fourth Prize: Jackie Simpson; Fifth Prize: Edwin Mulford; Sixth Prize: Janelle Smith. Bahamas Humane Society thanks all those who purchased tickets as well as to those who assisted with ticket sales, including members, corporations, and volunteers.  In all, the raffle has generated approximately $30,000.  We look forward to your support again for next year’s raffle

The completion of the Raffle brings our current busy streak of fundraising to a close. That does not mean that the BHS is sitting quietly back and resting.  We continue to be busy with Shelter services, ambulance services, and clinics.  In March alone, we had 28 dogs and 86 puppies come in, along with 27 cats and 37 kittens.  Feeding and housing them all takes a concerted effort by all us.  Adoption figures for March are 20 dogs, 32 puppies, 6 cats, and 19 kittens.

We continue to sign up new members (Thank you!) and hope that if you are not yet a member, you will consider becoming one, or renewing if you were one.  Membership fees are one form of financial support for the BHS.

Did you know?  It costs approximately $138 to house an adoption dog for two weeks.  Cats are approximately $93 for two weeks.  These costs cover vet services, medications, spaying/neutering and food, and do not include electricity, maintenance, water and administrative staff.

Did you know? It costs approximately $2,700/day to run the BHS Shelter! Are you a member? If not, why not? Join us today. Membership is our bread and butter (and kibble, too!).

By Linda Gill-Aranha

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