McCartney Concedes Defeat?

Saturday 14th, April 2012 / 18:37 Published by
Bran the man

DNA former leader?

Maybe he just had too much to drink, or else he’s pretty much conceding defeat.  Whatever!  But DNA leader and aspiring PM Branville McCartney said the DNA has better leaders than himself.

Listeners couldn’t believe their ears during the Darold Miller show on 96.9fm yesterday, when Mr McCartney said that there were others in his party who would make better leaders.  Some people wondered, if that were true, why wouldn’t Mr McCartney step aside now, so the better leaders could lead and perhaps become the next Prime Minister of The Bahamas?

After all, it’s all about leadership.

McCartney also said that if he were not re-elected as Member of Parliament for the Bamboo Town constituency in the coming general elections, he would step aside as DNA party leader.

Well, he’d pretty much have to.  Only a really selfish, power-mad leader would hang onto a loser’s legacy, using every trick in the book to remain asparty  leader after losing a general election.   Oh, sorry Mr Christie.

Mr McCartney told radio listeners that if he does not win his seat he would take that to be “reflective” of the opinions of the Bahamian people and he wouldn’t stoop so low as to ask any DNA candidates, who do get elected to the House of Assembly, to step aside for him.

Mr McCartney admitted that there are many other candidates within the DNA that would make a better leader.

“I am the leader now because I am in the House of Assembly, but there are persons there who can be better leaders than me, there is no doubt about that.”


And to further confuse his supporters, he said he can not guarantee that he would even remain in the DNA.  That comment prompted many to recall the recent rumours about how he planned to go crawling back to the FNM after the election.

“I did not say I am DNA for life, I am Branville McCartney for life,”  he said.

“No, sir, I cannot say I am DNA for life,” McCartney emphasised.

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2 Comments on “McCartney Concedes Defeat?

  • You are born an infant, move onto being a toddler, a young adult and then a mature person. You are the form which changes. The only thing you are for life is a human being according to your DNA. When it comes to party politics change takes place. McCartney is being reasonable in his talks and thus informs those who know the value of life that we speak about GOD yet could careless whether our yea is yea or our nay is nay. Most people say what they demand without ever understanding the IF clause allows room for growth not defeat.Seeing the greatness in others is excellent leadership skill to acknowledge it before even entering. It is called the spirit of contribution. Competetion is what wrecks havoc when one takes a position and feels threatened by the potential in others.From the place of character and integrity McCartney would be the giant awakening.

  • No doubt Bran will go back to the FNM, just as Hubert and Perry left their party and went crawling back to someone else. Not necessarily a bad thing, seems to show the willingness to stand alone…and a pre-requisite to being PM. From top to bottom he is adopting the same formula and campaign the last 2 PM’s have followed.


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